I Don”t Want To Be “Salesy!”

Can I Still Have A Successful Side Hustle?

Not many people starting a new side hustle are excited about selling.

That’s pretty normal.  It is OK. What I mean is that while it is fine not to be excited about selling, it is another thing entirely to ignore selling.

The cold hard truth is that not too many things in life sell themselves. The fantasy of creating a product or service that explodes onto the scene and people begin buying in droves is just that. It is fantasy. “Build it and they will come” rarely exists in the real world of commerce. That is movie material. (The movie is “Field Of Dreams”, if you want to know).

Meanwhile, there is good news. Selling takes place using a lot of different methods and styles. If you are reluctant to don the persona of a salesy character using high pressure tactics to “close the sale,” you are in luck. There is another way to go about it.

You absolutely can create a highly successful sales component for your business without having to resort to high pressure tactics or sleazy sales copy.

sales garden

I call it creating a “Sales Garden.” Others call it an email list. The technique you will need to master is called “list building” and if you master this skill you will never again wonder where your sales are going to come from. By the way, this works with any product or service. It works if you have a local dog walking side hustle and it works if you have a high end digital course business.

Would you like more good new? Instead of people shunning you because of your salesy approach they will gravitate towards you because you are one of the authorities in something they are keenly interested in.

Prepare and cultivate your sales garden properly and it will reward you just as surely as a properly tended vegetable or flower garden.

It is not an exaggeration to say that your sales garden will be the single most important asset your side hustle or full-time business posesses. 

What Is In A Sales Garden?

Like most gardens, there are things growing there that are in different stages of readiness for harvest. They might include:

If you want to have a supply of prospects you can sell to without being salesy you need to have a garden like this. It doesn’t come quick and easy, (like real gardening).  And once you figure out how to do it and then consistently till, plant, fertilize and water,  you will have thatvaluable asset I alluded to.

Your side hustle will thrive because you have a list of interested people who regard you as the authority on something they are interested in. 

And don’t worry about that word “authority.”

It you know the basics of something, you already know more than 80% of the crowd that is interested in it. And if you don’t have that level of expertise, you can learn it. You do NOT have to be the world’s greatest expert.

Remember, no teacher you ever had, liked or admired was born with the knowledge they used to teach you. They went out and gained that knowledge. 

You can do that too. In other posts we will discuss who goes into your sales garden  and how you get them there.

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