Email automation is one of those things we will talk about a lot. It will be a core competency for you to develop.

What IS email automation?

Email automation is being able to send emails to a specific audience with the right message at the right time.

It is one of the “secret” tools that will make your Side Hustle outperform anyone trying to compete with you. I don’t care if you are mowing lawns or selling potholders on Pinterest. Email automation will set you apart from the crowd. It will prop you up in the bad times and accelerate you to greater revenue and profit in the good times. It is a difference-maker for both the smallest side hustle to a large enterprise.

Marketers used to do this manually. When a potential customer was added to a “mailing list” we would occasionally write an email or snail mail message to them. Sometimes we were just keeping our name in front of them, sometimes we were making specific offers. It was all done rather haphazardly for the most part. What was tedious and potentially expensive (snail mail), was often way less effective than we hoped for.

Early companies in the space made list management and mail merging an improvement. They still required an awful lot of list organization to effectively stay in touch with and nurture prospects and customers.

Meanwhile, as the Internet and email became more mainstream the void was filled by companies called email automation providers.

The first time I was exposed to this concept I felt like it was going to change my life! I recall telling my son that this was so important it was likely to become the engine that ran my business. That wasn’t far off. What was it that excited me so?

Email automation could:

  • Store my contact information (my email list)
  • Each contact could be categorized with “tags”
  • Tagging allowed me to track my prospects journey in my sales process
  • I could track the interests of each individual prospect
  • Allowed me to send specific, relevant emails automatically triggered by whatever event I specified

…….and so much more.

We will study email tactics in greater depth later so I’m not going to go into too much detail in this particular post, but let me give you a brief example.

My Travel Nursing Business Example

In my travel nursing business, a nurse might go to my website, TravelnursingUSA, and see a free resource I offer providing both perceived and actual value. I give that information to the nurse in exchange for an email address. Value for value.

Once the nurse gives me the email it is added to my email automation list and is assigned a tag indicating the information requested. Subsequently, I follow up with a nurturing sequence giving even more value and increasing my authority.

Eventually, I may offer to provide more detailed information on travel nursing assignments to them. In order to receive that I have them fill out a more detailed form asking things like their specialty, type of license, experience, etc. Each piece of information is a tag that is entered into their profile on my email automation system.

I now have thousands of nurses in my system. They are categorized and tagged by their skills and interests.

When I have an offer specific to those tags or categories, I can send it to the nurses that are interested and qualified.

Importantly, I won’t be bothering people who have no interest and do not want to be bothered. They will know when they get an email from me, it is likely to be closely aligned with their skills and interests.

TIP: If you do this in your side hustle business, it will increase your credibility, your authority, and your “open rates.”

I have a 13-week travel assignment for an ER nurse. Night shift. 5 years+ experience. Carlsbad, CA. It starts on or about 10–3–20. Contact me for details.

Can you see the power of this and how it might translate into your side hustle?

We’re going to talk a lot about how you can harness the power of a list, even a small one, in other posts. Keep your eye out for these. They are potent tools for a successful small business.

For now, I want you to just sit back and consider what I’ve said. Think of the ways you could use this powerful tool to supercharge your side hustle and streamline your work.

Email automation can be a robust link in your chain of success!

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