You have generated a new name on your list! Hooray! 

It was a lot of work but you did it. Okay, now what?

Don’t wait for this moment to decide what you’re going to do when you get a new lead. You should have the framework setup and ready for immediate execution the second a new person joins your list. 

And you want it to happen automatically.

HINT: This is done by triggering an initial nurturing sequence. The easiest, most effective way to do this is to use an email automation service.


Nurturing: to feed and protect.

Sequence: a continuous or connected series.

As soon as you get a new lead or email it should automatically be entered into a connected series of emails designed to confirm and increase your authority.

We call this the initial nurturing sequence (INS) and it is arguably the most important step you take once someone self identifies as interested in your topic.

Nurturing Sequence

If you simply let the email address sit in your list waiting for the next random contact from you it will grow stale and probably useless. Your new friend will probably forget who you are and why they joined your list. 

Here’s the deal.  

In other conversations, we’ve talked about what you have to do to create an audience of people interested in your topic. These are who you want to create authority with. When you accomplish this authority, the offers you make will generate substantially higher conversion rates, (ie. equals sales and revenue). 

Nurturing sequences are something that has to be done on an ongoing basis. Once an email has joined your list you want to keep giving it value and increasing your reputation. Doing this will keep your open rates high.

The mere fact of having an email address that you can send an offer to has no value. Getting your emails opened and read is the key to eventually making sales


You guessed it.  You create a great initial nurturing sequence. You do that with an orderly sequence of emails that teach or inform. As time goes on these informative emails will build your authority on your topic. 

When you eventually do make an offer it will find a much more receptive audience. And when your list gets that offer, they will know who you are and hopefully consider you some level of authority in this area.  

They will be way more more inclined to say “YES” than if they had received this offer from a stranger. This is called the “know, like and trust” factor.


The short answer is regularly. When someone opts in and joins your list they are telling you they are interested in your topic. Without being intrusive and salesy they will likely appreciate getting even more information.  

Begin the INS immediately. Create a sequence of informative emails that are sent to them right off the bat (where did that phrase come from?) without being too pushy. I think one per day for the first 4-5 days is just about right. After that, I would automatically shift them into your regular mailing frequency. Weekly is good but it all depends on your product or service and your personal style.

A couple of tips on that initial nurturing sequence. 

  • Don’t be salesy. You want them to get used to the idea that your emails provide value, not sales pitches. That will get them opened.
  • Have some kind of action goal for each email. Something like a link to an article of genuine interest that is on your website is a good one. Even a link outside of your own site works as long as it is real value. The key is getting them to take an action.
  • Provide real value in every email. Fluff is a waste of everyone’s time and will lower your open rates.
  • If you do make an offer, make it very low key at this point. Wait until at least the 3rd or 4th email for any offer.
  • Make sure there is contact information in case they need something from you right away. You never know!

Organizing And Executing

Once the initial nurturing sequence is complete your regular list nurturing sequence will keep those emails fresh. Your authority will continue to grow and your sales garden will be even more receptive to additional offers. 

If all of this sounds complex….well it is. And it used to be a very manual process. Imagine keeping up with all of this list organization without help. Knowing who got what email and knowing when they should receive it was a real pain. Now we have something called email automation providers who make this easy. It not only keeps track of all of your activity, but it automatically executes your plan. Autopilot!

There’s a lot more to it, but I think you get the picture. The newer email providers are very easy to use and provide lots of tutorials. The one I use and highly recommend is called ConvertKit.  

At the time I am writing this, they even offer a free version you can try out. Other venders you may want to check out are DRIP and ActiveCampaign, both of which I have used previously.

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