Now that you have decided what your domain should be let’s address how to buy a domain. (If you have not read my quick post on choosing your domain, do that first).

I like to use the major services and not pinch pennies on something this important.

You buy the actual domain from something called a registrar.

One good example of a registrar that you have likely heard of is GoDaddy.

Like a lot of others, they offer a low first-year price to entice you, and then on the renewal, the price will rise to the regular rate. Expect to pay something like $10 the first year and $15 for renewals. I usually just buy a domain for a year the first time and then if it becomes important to keep, you can buy for multiple years at a discount when you renew.

As you can see, this is not a big expense.

Make sure to register with an email address that you regularly use so that you are notified of the renewal in a timely fashion.

When your business becomes successful you do not want someone swooping in and snapping up your URL.

TIP. As soon as you buy a domain the registrar is going to try to sign you up for a lot of extras. At the top of their list is hosting. My recommendation is to just buy the bare bones domain name and then carefully select your hosting company. (Hosting is explained HERE).

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